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Headlights Restoration in Albany

Auto headlights used to be made out of glass, but in the 1990s, auto manufacturers introduced hard plastic headlights (made out of polycarbonate plastic). They are easier to shape into fancy shapes, and are less likely to brake – but the price we pay is that their outer layer deteriorates, resulting in “foggy” headlights.

Air pollution, grit, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun causes the outer layer of the plastic to degrade. As a result, it absorbs blue light from the bulb, while the yellowish, but less potent light, gets through the plastic. Headlights effectiveness is diminished, and the headlights themselves look, well, “foggy”. They certainly detract from the overall appearance of a well maintained vehicle.

Fortunately, at Adams Autoworx Albany we can restore your vehicle’s headlights. They will look almost brand new, and you will notice a difference when driving at night on a dark highway. Our technicians use specially formulated chemicals, along with cleaning and grinding off the degraded layer of plastic. If you are used to driving with “fogged up” headlights, the difference will delight you.

Our Albany auto repair facility offers headlight restoration for most light trucks, passenger cars, and SUVs. Let us know if you are interested in headlight restoration. We can combine it with regular oil service, so you make only one trip to get both tasks accomplished.

Next time you schedule oil change or any service, let us know if you are interested in headlight restoration. You can make an appointment on our website using a contact form. If you prefer dealing with humans give us a call – we love to talk cars, and will be happy to answer your questions, and to make an appointment at the same time.

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