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Auto Heater Hose Repair & Replacement in Albany

Adams Autoworx Albany offers full range of auto heating maintenance services and repairs, including auto heater hose repair and replacement. Our nationally certified technicians have extensive auto heating system repair experience, and can fix any problems your vehicle may exhibit.

Sometimes heater hose repair turns out to be simple – all we have to do is re-attach a hose that came loose, but on many cars, due to age or damage, heater hose replacement will be necessary. Heater hose serves two functions – it circulates engine coolant that carries excess heat away from the engine, and circulates through the heater core, where heat is transferred to the air that is used to heat the interior of your car.

Heater hose failure can be a serious problem, with worst case scenario being engine damage. When you bring your vehicle to our Albany auto repair shop for heating system problems, our nationally ASE certified technicians will first perform a series of inspections and tests to verify the root cause of the problem. If it turns out that the heater hose is defective, the procedure calls for draining the coolant, heater hose replacement, then coolant is refilled. When the replacement is completed, we will test the system. We get the engine turned on, and check for leaks, test heating of the interior of the car at different temperature settings, and of course check if the system is cooling the engine – since that’s the main function of the heating/cooling system of which the heater hose is an integral part. We will also perform a complimentary digital vehicle inspection, to check for a variety of problems that could negatively impact your driving experience.

All repairs performed by our technicians carry a nationwide 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty. We use Original Equipment or better quality parts, and for your convenience, we offer complimentary local Lyft so you can go about your day while your car is at the shop.

So bring your vehicle to Adams Autoworx Albany, whether for heating/cooling problems, or any other automotive problems – we are a full service auto repair shop, and work on all makes and models. You can make an appointment on our website, or call the shop and we will be happy to make an appointment for you.

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