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Ball Joints Service and Repair in Albany

Automotive suspension has a pretty hard job – to provide a smooth ride, and to allow us to keep the car under control as we travel over potholes, bumps, and whatever surface we may happen to encounter. Adams Autoworx Albany offers ball joint service and repair as part of our comprehensive suspension services. A ball joint is a flexible ball and socket that. Its job is to attach suspension to the wheel hub. It is flexible, and has a very wide range of directional motion. Ball joints help to provide smooth and controlled ride, regardless of the road surface your vehicle may encounter.

We recommend inspecting ball joints every time your vehicle is in a shop for regular maintenance. It is also important that a good dust seal and proper lubrication of the ball joint be maintained. When you notice steering looseness, noises or vibrations, we recommend ball joints inspection (and steering system inspection as well). Worn ball joints can negatively impact wheel alignment as well, resulting in premature tire wear and tire replacement expenses.

To keep ball joints in top shape, we recommend having them checked and lubricated every time your vehicle has an oil change. Some of the symptoms of failing ball joints include clicking, clunking, popping or snapping noises, excessive vibration, uneven tire wear. While replacing ball joints is not considered part of routine automotive maintenance, eventually the grease inside the ball joints will dry out, and eventually the ball joint will fail. If a failing ball joint is ignore long enough, it can brake resulting in serious damage to the steering and suspension systems. Ball joints failing can be dangerous, especially if travelling at highway speeds.

So if you suspect that your vehicle may suffer from ball joint problems, or if you have any concerns about your vehicle’s steering or suspension, call our Albany auto repair shop. We will be happy to set up an appointment that fits your schedule. Our technicians will take grate care of your car, and all repairs the completed are backed by a nationwide 3 year / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty. So if you are concerned about your vehicle, give us a call.

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