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Free Air Conditioning Check Up
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Free Summer Driving Check Up
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Tire Balancing in Albany, CA - Adams Autoworx Albany

Tire Balancing in Albany, CA

At Adams Autoworx Albany we provide full care for your vehicle, including tires. Not every auto repair garage provides complete tire services, but we do. At our Albany auto facility, we can provide your vehicle with new tires, we can mount and balance tires, and we can provide tire alignment aka wheel alignment as well.

Once you have made the choice of the right tires for your vehicle and the kind of driving you do, it’s time to get them mounted and balanced. Some shops will have separate tire mounting machine, and separate tire balancer machine. Some will combine tire mounting and balancing in the same piece of equipment. One or the other, the important part is to get the new tires balanced.

Balancing a tire involves adding small weights onto the rim to reduce the usual wheel unbalance. Tire balancing machine spins the wheel with the mounted tire to allow technicians to ascertain how much balancing it will require. Some modern equipment provides touchless sonar for rim width, and spins the tire assembly at high speeds to determine its heaviest point. Once the measurement is performed, the machine will indicate correct placements of the weights in order minimize both static and dynamic imbalances.

At Adams Autoworx we offer tire balancing as a part of the comprehensive car care you can expect at our family owned Albany auto repair garage. Quality, Value, Service is what we aim for every day.

So next time you need tire balancing, call Adams Autoworx in Albany. We offer friendly service, and technical excellence, and we are looking forward to servicing your automotive needs. Make an appointment on our website, or call us at the shop – we are happy to be of service.

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