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Pre-purchase Inspection in Albany

Our full-service auto repair shop offers Albany pre-purchase vehicle inspections. A pre-purchase inspection is an inexpensive way to find out that if the vehicle you consider buying is all it appears to be.

At Adams Autoworx Albany we know that buying a used car can be a challenge.  Who knows what kinds of problems hide under the hood? Unless you are a professional mechanic yourself, it’s not easy to figure out what problems that car may present. That’s why we offer professional pre-purchase inspections at our Albany auto repair shop.

Our digital vehicle inspection covers the entire vehicle. You will receive an electronic copy of the results – good or bad. We are an impartial third party that can tell you the overall condition of the vehicle. Some customers have used such information to request discount from the original price, other requested that major problems be corrected by the seller before the transaction is finalized. In some cases, we recommend not purchasing the vehicle due to the nature and repair costs of the problems we found – sometimes a used vehicle is simply not a good value. Naturally, we will be happy to explain the implications of what we found, and our reasoning behind any recommendation we make.

In addition to the physical inspection of the vehicle, we also research a repair history database for millions of US vehicles. Information found there, combined with the results of the pre-purchase inspection, will give you a thorough understanding of the vehicle you plan to purchase.

When our nationally ASE certified technicians perform the pre-purchase inspection, they will look at:

  • Leaks (coolant, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid)
  • Brakes 
  • Suspension  
  • Tires
  • Belts
  • Electrical systems components
  • Cooling system and radiator
  • Hoses
  • Quality of the fluids
  • Glass
  • Error codes stored in the on-board computer (if any)

Road test is also a part of our pre-purchase inspection. We want to ascertain any drivability issues and overall behavior of the vehicle under real-world driving conditions.

Getting such information BEFORE you complete the purchase can make a huge difference – not only in money, but also in the amount of time you spend, and can greatly minimize the hassle factor. Armed with pre-purchase inspection details you can make an informed decision – and sometimes the best decision is not to buy a vehicle that’s a rolling heap of trouble.

So when you have found a used vehicle you like, bring it to our Albany repair shop for a thorough pre-purchase inspection. We offer convenient appointments online, or simply give us a call at the shop – we can set up an appointment time that fits your schedule.

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