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Oldsmobile Service and Repair in Albany

Welcome to the premier Oldsmobile repair shop in Albany, CA. General Motors phased out Oldsmobile marque Adams Autoworx Albany continues to support Oldsmobile owners.

As your Oldsmobile ages, regular maintenance becomes crucial. Regular oil change provides us with an opportunity to assess overall condition of your vehicle. We will inspect tires, belts, hoses, and various subsystems, and will let you know what, if anything, requires repairs. We provide complimentary digital vehicle inspection with all services and repairs. We will send you an electronic copy of the results, so you can have it in your records.

If we find problems, we will arrange them in the order of importance: safety items first, followed by important maintenance items, followed by minor or cosmetic issues. We will explain what needs to be repaired and why, and why certain items needs to be done sooner, while others can be deferred to a later date.

When you bring your Oldsmobile to our Albany auto repair shop, you will meet our friendly staff, and can expect:

  • ASE certified mechanics working on your Oldsmobile
  • In most cases, same day service completion
  • Free digital vehicle inspection
  • 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty
  • Complimentary local Lyft for your convenience

Adams Autoworx Albany provides full range of automotive services for domestic and foreign vehicles. We literally offer hundreds of services and repairs, including:

  • wheel alignment
  • oil service
  • auto air conditioning service
  • anti-lock brake service & diagnostics
  • catalytic converter emissions
  • brake service and repair
  • head light replacement
  • timing chain replacement
  • preventive maintenance inspections
  • electrical and/or wiring problems
  • brake rotors replacement
  • power window & door lock diagnosis and repair
  • auto a/c blower motor repair
  • slipping clutch repair
  • hydraulic system diagnosis and repair
  • blower motor resistor replacement
  • battery registration
  • power steering rack and pinion replacement
  • tire pressure monitoring system repair
  • fuel injector repair
  • cooling system service (water pumps, radiators)
  • valve cover gasket replacement
  • suspension repair
  • starter relay
  • coolant exchange service
  • belts and hoses replacement
  • transmission replacement
  • fuel system repair
  • brake fluid exchange
  • AC system repair
  • car electronics
  • power lock repair
  • catalytic converter replacement
  • suspension (struts, shocks, axles, control arm)
  • auto a/c evaporator replacement
  • ABS system service and repair
  • high voltage cable inspection & repair
  • brake pads replacement
  • diagnose & repair tire pressure monitoring systems
  • engine replacement

Our Albany auto repair shop welcomes your Olds, whether it needs a/c recharge, new brake pads, or new belts or hoses. Bring your vehicle to Adams Autoworx Albany and we will get it diagnosed, repaired and back on the road. For your convenience you can make an appointment on our website, or call the shop directly.

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