Oxygen Sensor Replacement in Albany, CA

Oxygen sensor replacement is becoming a popular repair at our Albany, CA auto shop - partially because manufacturers keep adding sensors to the vehicles, and partially because catalytic converter thefts, which have become a popular pastime in the Bay Area, often result in damage to the oxygen sensor system.  

Modern cars are becoming more and more sensor-dependent. Computerized engine management requires sensors to provide information about the functioning of various system. When it comes to the oxygen sensors, most cars have one that measures oxygen content of the gases that leave the combustion chamber – this allows the onboard computer to adjust the air-fuel mixture for optimal performance and to lower emissions. The second oxygen sensor monitors emissions from the catalytic converters (that’s the one that often gets damaged when thieves steal the catalytic converter).

If the oxygen sensor system malfunctions, your car’s computer will illuminated the check engine light. We highly recommend getting your vehicle to a mechanic if the check engine light comes on - driving for extended period of time with the check engine light “on” can result in costly damage to your vehicle ( if the check engine light is flashing, you should pull off the road in a safe spot and have your car towed to an auto repair shop).

If the oxygen sensor needs to be replaced, our nationally ASE certified technicians will first scan the computer codes, then check for oil and coolant leaks (they can damage the oxygen sensor, so will need to be repaired as well). Our technicians will also inspect exhaust system for vacuum leaks, and check electrical connections. Only then will they proceed with oxygen sensor replacement. Once the new sensor is in place,  then they will verify that all system work as specified by the manufacturer. When the oxygen sensor replacement is completed, we will clear computer codes, and perform the final test – we will take your vehicle for a test drive to verify everything works as expected under real world driving conditions.

One of the symptoms of a faulty oxygen sensor is poor mileage, so if you vehicle suddenly starts getting poor mileage, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by our technicians.

We offer online appointments for your convenience, or just call the shop directly – we are happy to be of service. All repairs performed at Adams Autoworx Albany are covered by our nationwide 36 months / 36,000 mile warranty.

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