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Power Steering Fluid Change in Albany

Power steering fluid change aka power steering fluid flush is an underappreciated service, and at Adams Autoworx Albany we highly recommend that you give it your consideration. Power steering is a wonderful invention - it allows us to easily control cars that weight thousands of pounds. Yet not everybody knows that power steering requires fluid change, just like the engine requires oil change. The good news is that power steering fluid change is a once-in-a-while affair.

If you read the Internet, you will read widely varying numbers – from power steering fluid change every 30,000 miles, to once every 100,000 miles. At Adams Autoworx Albany we recommend that you check your owner’s manual – because the interval varies depending on the manufacturer and model – so the owner’s manual should spell out how often power steering fluid should be changed. If the owner’s manual is silent on the subject, we offer a few rules of thumb:

  • If you plan to keep your vehicle “forever”, we recommend changing power steering fluid regularly every 50,000 miles.
  • If you turn the steering wheel and hear loud or whining noise, it’s likely that the power steering fluid is contaminated or its level is low- so it’s time to get it replaced (topping it off is not a good idea – if the fluid is low, there is a leak somewhere and it should be fixed).
  • If you encounter steering difficulties, have the system diagnosed by a professional mechanic. He may very well recommend power steering fluid change.

So what’s the reason for power steering fluid flush?

Power steering fluid contamination – and possibility of damage to the power steering system – is the reason for power steering fluid change. Sometimes there is also power steering fluid leak which only accelerates fluid contamination, as a smaller volume of fluid has to do the job of lubricating and cleansing the system.

As the power steering system is used, there is a natural deterioration of materials that make up various components. This deterioration results in debris, plastic and metal, being picked up by the power steering fluid. In addition to lubricating the system, power steering fluid also picks up all that grime and carries it away. When we change the fluid, all that stuff gets drained out, and new, fresh, clean fluid takes its place.

At Adams Autoworx Albany we offer broad range of automotive services, and all our work is backed by industry leading nationwide 36 month / 36,000 miles warranty. So if turning the steering wheel generates strange noises, or if it’s been about 50,000 miles since the last power steering fluid change, call us at the shop. We can make an appointment right on the phone.

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