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2017 Subaru Forester: Weak Battery and Air Conditioning Problems

Subaru Forester 2017 is known for its weak battery, and generally for electrical system issues. Apparently Subaru equipped Forester with batteries that sometimes lasted only 25,000 miles. While this was an extreme example, there are reports of batteries dying just after the end of the warranty period. Fortunately battery replacement is not a complicated nor expensive. If your Subaru needs a new battery, call our Albany auto care shop and we will have a new battery installed and tested the same day. In addition to weak battery issues, some 2017 Foresters appear to suffer from parasitic battery drains, requiring jump starts, or in less severe cases making sure that the car is driven every few days. Another problem faced by 2017 Forester are issues with the key being stuck in the ignition. They can be frequent enough to be a major annoyance.   When it comes to air conditioning issues, owners report that it stops blowing cold air. Consensus is that replacing ac condenser fixes majo ... read more

Prius Service in Albany, CA

Just a few days ago we wrote about Prius repairs, and it was a short blog post. Prius services are a subject that’s a bit more involved. Naturally the most frequent service will be Prius oil change. Toyota Prius vehicles are well-known for excessive oil consumption, so we not only recommend regular oil changes every 5,000 miles, but also  checking engine oil level every 1,000 miles or so. Another service will be brake pads replacement. Fortunately, on Prius vehicles that is an infrequent affair. While a typical non-hybrid vehicle will need new brake pads every 25,000 – 50,000 miles, it is not uncommon for Prius vehicles to go over 100,000 miles on the same set of brake pads. Thanks to regenerative braking, your Prius’ brake pads are used a lot less frequently than on a non-hybrid, gasoline powered vehicle.   A service that should be performed on a Prius every two years is brake fluid change. Brake fluid deteriorates over time, absorbs moisture from the air ... read more

Prius Repair in Albany CA

Prius repair in Albany is a pretty short topic – Prius vehicles are well-known for being very reliable and for their longevity. Having said that, advanced age of some Prius vehicles can sometimes necessitate repairs. One of the possible repairs is inverter replacement – we wrote about this subject before. Another likely (and expensive) repair is high voltage battery replacement. Prius vehicles tend to outlive their batteries, so at some point high voltage battery replacement will become a necessity. Another likely repair candidate is the a/c system. AC refrigerant leaks can happen as the hoses and seals get brittle with age. Fortunately, at Adams Autoworx Albany we can handle all of the above listed problems, and more. We are a full service auto repair facility that employs nationally ASE certified technicians who are highly experienced in Prius maintenance services and repair. We use cutting edge digital diagnostic tools when working on your Prius, and you can be confid ... read more

Nissan NV200 Van Service and Repair in Albany CA

Welcome to Adams Autoworx Albany, your premiere Nissan repair shop in Albany. We offer full range of Nissan services and repairs, including best Albany Nissan NV200 van diagnostics and repairs. If you own a fleet of Nissan NV vans, we offer priority fleet service as well. Nissan NV 200 have earned their, well-deserved, reputation for reliability and efficiency. The only repeated complaint was premature tire wear on some of the early NV models, but overall they simply do their job – day in and day out. When you bring your Nissan NV van to Adams Autoworx Albany we provide you with efficient service, and if your van needs diagnostics, will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic equipment to get to the root cause of any problem that’s impacting your van. Whenever you bring your Nissan to our Albany auto care facility, we will not only solve the issue that caused the visit in the first place, but will also perform a free digital vehicle inspection and provide you with an ele ... read more

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