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Monthly Archives: September 2023

Fall Auto Tune Up in Alabny, CA

Fall Auto Tune Up in Albany, CA Most modern cars are self-tuning in large measure - the onboard computers adjust air intake, timing, richness of the air-fuel mixture, and many other parameters. So the traditional tune-up has become a thing of the past. Still we highly recommend a "Fall tune-up" - since there are still plenty of components and systems that need a professional mechanic to inspect, adjust, and make sure that the vehicle is ready for the wet roads that the Autumn brings.  When it comes to wet roads, first thing to check is the condition of the tires - the main concern is that the tread depth is sufficient to properly remove water from under the tires, to prevent hydroplaning and loss of control over the vehicle.  When talking about vehicle control, suspension needs to be checked as well, since worn suspension can significantly increase braking distance. While we are talking about braking distance, a brake inspection is a good idea as well ( unless yo ... read more

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