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Tag Archives: Toyota repair in Albany

Prius Repair in Albany CA

Prius repair in Albany is a pretty short topic – Prius vehicles are well-known for being very reliable and for their longevity. Having said that, advanced age of some Prius vehicles can sometimes necessitate repairs. One of the possible repairs is inverter replacement – we wrote about this subject before. Another likely (and expensive) repair is high voltage battery replacement. Prius vehicles tend to outlive their batteries, so at some point high voltage battery replacement will become a necessity. Another likely repair candidate is the a/c system. AC refrigerant leaks can happen as the hoses and seals get brittle with age. Fortunately, at Adams Autoworx Albany we can handle all of the above listed problems, and more. We are a full service auto repair facility that employs nationally ASE certified technicians who are highly experienced in Prius maintenance services and repair. We use cutting edge digital diagnostic tools when working on your Prius, and you can be confid ... read more

Toyota Battery Replacement in Albany, CA

Toyota Battery Replacement in Albany, CA Your Toyota’s battery must be in top condition if it will be able to start your vehicle and power other electronic components. While the average lifespan of a car battery is 4-5 years, it may last longer or die sooner, especially since weather, automotive care and other factors are involved. It’s best to plan on replacing the battery every 5 years, so you never face a no-start situation. Car batteries seldom die suddenly. There are often warning signs that tell you that your battery is starting to go. Here are the top signs. Struggles to start  A clear-cut sign that your Toyota’s battery needs a replacement is if you’re having trouble starting your car. You turn the key only to find that it is slow to fire up. The lights may even begin flicker and your vehicle makes an unusual noise. All these likely indicate a failing battery. Battery is cracked, swollen or leaking ... read more

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