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Toyota Power Steering Fluid Replacement in Albany, CA

Every vehicle comes with a power steering system that allows us to turn the steering wheel quickly and easily. Like many other systems in the car, the power steering requires fluid to keep its different parts (including valves, pistons, hoses and power pumps) working. Without the power steering fluid, turning the steering wheel of your Toyota would be difficult, and it would only be a matter of time before the pump and other related components would get damaged. While this fluid doesn’t get burnt off like motor oil, grit and grime can accumulate over time. When this happens, the fluid loses its effectiveness and needs to be replaced. Signs your Toyota is due for a power steering fluid replacement service Most of us acknowledge the importance of changing the power steering fluid but not many know when to do that. The following are signs that usually indicate that it’s time to change the power steering fluid. Manufacturer’s recommendation ... read more

Toyota Battery Replacement in Albany, CA

Toyota Battery Replacement in Albany, CA Your Toyota’s battery must be in top condition if it will be able to start your vehicle and power other electronic components. While the average lifespan of a car battery is 4-5 years, it may last longer or die sooner, especially since weather, automotive care and other factors are involved. It’s best to plan on replacing the battery every 5 years, so you never face a no-start situation. Car batteries seldom die suddenly. There are often warning signs that tell you that your battery is starting to go. Here are the top signs. Struggles to start  A clear-cut sign that your Toyota’s battery needs a replacement is if you’re having trouble starting your car. You turn the key only to find that it is slow to fire up. The lights may even begin flicker and your vehicle makes an unusual noise. All these likely indicate a failing battery. Battery is cracked, swollen or leaking ... read more

Toyota Spark Plugs Replacement in Albany, CA

Toyota Spark Plugs Replacement in Albany, CA Spark plugs are small, inconspicuous, yet they play vital role in powering your Toyota. At Adams Autoworx Albany we offer broad range of Toyota maintenance services and repairs, including spark plugs replacement. Spark plugs generate the sparks that ignite the air-fuel mixture, as it burns, the expanding gases generate the power to move pistons inside of cylinders, which ultimately gets translated into power for the wheels. Signs your Toyota needs new spark plugs Worn or damaged spark plugs usually give warning signs that they’re overdue for replacement. Here are a few signs to look out for. Trouble starting While bad battery is one of the reasons your Toyota may be difficult to start, there are times that your spark plugs are the culprit. When they’re dirty, damaged or worn out, the engine has to work harder to start your Toyota as there’s not enough spark to get thi ... read more

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