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Category Archives: Brake Repair in Albany CA

Brake Pads Replacement in Albany CA

Your vehicle has many parts that wear out over time. The brake system has brake pads, and in some cases brake shoes, that wear out.  This is completely normal, as they are used to generate friction that slows down the car and the friction wears them down. This means that the brake system needs regular inspections and occasional brake pad replacement. Ideally you would have brakes inspected at the same time as your vehicle gets an oil change. At Adams Autoworx Albany we offer brake inspections for vehicle owners who live in Albany, Kensington and El Cerrito. Regular brake inspections give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the brakes were inspected by highly skilled professionals.  If you suspect any issues with the brakes, it is important to have them inspected - some of these warning signs could be: Grinding or squealing noises when applying the brakes Brake pedal pulsates when brakes are applied Brake pedal feels spongy At Adams Autoworx in Albany we of ... read more

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