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Oxygen Sensor Replacement in Albany CA

Adams Autoworx Albany offers a wide range of automotive services and repairs, including oxygen sensor replacement. You vehicle’s onboard computer receives information from the oxygen sensor about the amount of oxygen in the exhaust fumes. This information is used to make real-time adjustments to make sure that the air-gasoline mixture is optimal for power, fuel economy and emissions. The typical lifespan of an oxygen sensor is 30,000–50,000 miles. It may seem like it should last much longer – it’s just a sensor, no moving parts, right? Well, the reason for its relative short lifespan is the environment – oxygen sensor operates under high temperatures, and is also subject to bombardment not only by hot exhaust gases, but also by high velocity particulates. So how do you know that the oxygen sensor may need replacement? If you notice decreased fuel efficiency, rough idle, poor acceleration, black smoke from the exhaust, loss of engine power, or the check e ... read more

Catalytic Converter Replacement at the Top of Check Engine Light Repairs List.

Vehicle Health Index is published by CarMD and they just released the latest list of the most frequent 2020  repairs that triggered the Check Engine Light. First position on the list is occupied by catalytic converter replacement. Sadly, this is due to large number of catalytic converter thefts. Second position on the list belongs to oxygen sensor replacement. This, again, is the results of catalytic converter thefts – very frequently oxygen sensor gets damaged when thieves steal the catalytic converter. (At Adams Autoworx Albany we highly recommend, and offer, installation of a catalytic converter shield which discourages theft). Items 3-6 are typ ... read more

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