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Tesla Brake Fluid Replacement in Albany CA

You Tesla requires a lot less maintenance compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. No oil changes, spark plugs replacements. But there is one service that is just as important for a Tesla as for other vehicles. Tesla vehicles need brake fluid replacement at pretty much the same intervals as other cars. Adams Autoworx provides Albany Tesla brake fluid replacement. Even though we recommend brake fluid change every two years, we will check brake fluid quality before we replace it. We can combine brake fluid replacement with tire rotations – something your Tesla needs on the regular basis. The reason for regular brake fluid replacement is that brake fluid absorbs moisture (it’s hygroscopic). When the amount of moisture in the brake fluid exceeds upper limit, it can cause difficulty braking, and in really extreme cases, even brake failure. Since Tesla has the added weight of the battery pack, stopping so much mass in motion requires brakes that work reliably. During t ... read more

Nissan Uneven Tire Wear

Uneven tire wear is a signal that something is not right with your Nissan – it could be wheel alignment issues, could be unbalanced wheels, incorrect tire pressure, or even suspension issues. At Adams Autoworx Albany we offer comprehensive Nissan services, including tire and suspension inspection and uneven tire wear remedies. Depending on the root cause of the uneven tire wear, and on the extent of the damage, we may offer a variety of remedies, up to and including tire replacement, though usually issues can be corrected with less invasive and less expensive solutions. What are the signs of uneven tire wear The most obvious sign is when you perform a visual inspection and you can see that tires are worn unevenly. But there are other signs that this may be the case: Too much vibration Vibration on the steering wheel is another sign of potential uneven tire wear. It we recommend vehicle inspection to get to the root cause of the steering wheel ... read more

Now is the Best Time for Vehicle Air Filter Replacement - Here’s Why!

Now is the Best Time for Vehicle Air Filter Replacement - Here’s Why!

September is almost over, and the worst fires of the season are behind us. Unfortunately, during the past weeks, your vehicle’s air filters bore the brunt of the smoke and ash that floated through the air. Normally we recommend air filter replacement every 12 months or so, but this year, the time to replace air filters is now.  Your vehicle likely has two air filters – cabin air filter that cleans the air you and your passengers breathe, and engine air filter which cleans the air used by the engine.  Both need to be replaced. Fortunately this can be accomplished during an oil service, so if your vehicle is due for one, you can get it all done at the same time. If your vehicle does not need oil service in the near future, we recommend making an appointment to change the air filters anyway – vehicle’s engine, and your lungs will benefit.  Adams Autoworx Albany offers complete automotive maintenance services and repairs. We work on most ... read more

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