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Category Archives: Auto Repair in Albany CA

Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Albany, CA

At  Adams Autoworx in Albany we offer a variety of services, including auto air conditioning repair. When the days get hot, it may come as a nasty surprise that your car's air conditioning system is blowing warm air.. That's why we recommend that you get your ac system checked out before the hot days come. At a minimum, turn it on while running an errand, and check if it's providing sufficient quantity of cold air. If not , call our Albany auto repair shop for an appointment

Timing Chain Replacement in Albany CA

Timing belts need replacement, but timing chains?! Unfortunately they do. While timing chains typically last much longer than timing belts, a timing chain may require a replacement. The typical reason for replacement is that the timing chain has stretched and can no longer provide proper timing for the camshaft and the crankshaft. Some vehicles, in particular Audi, are known to suffer from stretched timing chains. At Adams Automotive Albany we offer comprehensive car maintenance services and repairs, including timing chain replacement. The good news about timing chain replacement is that unlike timing belts, timing chains can give you warning when they are about to fail: Rattling noise when idling is an important sign that your vehicle’s timing chain may need replacement. Engine misfires or does not provide normal acceleration power Metal shavings found in engine oil can indicate timing chain problem If you notice any of the above symptoms, call Adams Autoworx Albany right aw ... read more

Nissan NV200 Van Service and Repair in Albany CA

Welcome to Adams Autoworx Albany, your premiere Nissan repair shop in Albany. We offer full range of Nissan services and repairs, including best Albany Nissan NV200 van diagnostics and repairs. If you own a fleet of Nissan NV vans, we offer priority fleet service as well. Nissan NV 200 have earned their, well-deserved, reputation for reliability and efficiency. The only repeated complaint was premature tire wear on some of the early NV models, but overall they simply do their job – day in and day out. When you bring your Nissan NV van to Adams Autoworx Albany we provide you with efficient service, and if your van needs diagnostics, will use state-of-the-art digital diagnostic equipment to get to the root cause of any problem that’s impacting your van. Whenever you bring your Nissan to our Albany auto care facility, we will not only solve the issue that caused the visit in the first place, but will also perform a free digital vehicle inspection and provide you with an ele ... read more

Honda Timing Belt Replacement in Albany, CA

Even though most late model vehicles come with timing chains now, there are still millions of Honda vehicles that are equipped with a timing belt. Typically, your Honda will need to have its timing belt replaced every 90,000 to 105,000 miles – the exact interval can be found in your Owner’s Manual. Timing belt failure can have very expensive consequences, so we highly recommend following Honda’s replacement schedule.   When we replace the timing belt, we also look at pulleys and tensioners and replace them as well. It’s is also a good idea to replace the water pump at the same time, since majority of the water pump replacement cost is in the labor – which has already been performed in order to replace the timing belt. If you are not sure if your Honda needs timing belt replacement, call us and we will inspect your vehicle and let you know if timing belt replacement is necessary, based on the condition of the belt itself and other components. If it ... read more

Honda Head Gasket Repair in Albany, CA

Adams Autoworx Albany offers comprehensive Honda maintenance and repairs, including major engine repairs, like head gasket replacement. In our experience, Honda vehicles can suffer from blown head gasket, particularly once they cross the 200,000 mile threshold. Head gasket replacement is a serious repair job that requires time and highly skilled professionals to do it right. Signs that your Honda may suffer from head gasket problems: ● White exhaust coming out of the tailpipe – usually a sign of a blown head gasket. ● Overheating engine during a prolonged drive ● Smell of sulphur from the coolant reservoir If your Honda exhibits any of these symptoms, bring it to Adams Autoworx Albany so our highly skilled technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), can inspect and diagnose your vehicle. If it turns out that your Honda has a blown head gasket, we will remove the engine from the vehicle, disassemble it, check for any additional d ... read more

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