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Tag Archives: Tesla service and repair

Tesla Brake Fluid Replacement in Albany CA

You Tesla requires a lot less maintenance compared to internal combustion engine vehicles. No oil changes, spark plugs replacements. But there is one service that is just as important for a Tesla as for other vehicles. Tesla vehicles need brake fluid replacement at pretty much the same intervals as other cars. Adams Autoworx provides Albany Tesla brake fluid replacement. Even though we recommend brake fluid change every two years, we will check brake fluid quality before we replace it. We can combine brake fluid replacement with tire rotations – something your Tesla needs on the regular basis. The reason for regular brake fluid replacement is that brake fluid absorbs moisture (it’s hygroscopic). When the amount of moisture in the brake fluid exceeds upper limit, it can cause difficulty braking, and in really extreme cases, even brake failure. Since Tesla has the added weight of the battery pack, stopping so much mass in motion requires brakes that work reliably. During t ... read more

Tesla Wheel Alignment in Albany, CA

Tesla wheel alignment is among the Tesla services you will find at Adams Autoworx Albany. Tesla vehicles may need alignment for a variety of reasons – perhaps the tires are wearing unevenly, or you just replaced all four tires, or maybe your Tesla bumped into a curb or drove over a nasty pothole – any one of these events could necessitate wheel alignment. At Adams Autoworx Albany, a family owned and operated Alban car care facility, Tesla owners will find nationally ASE certified technicians and as well as high end wheel alignment equipment to allow for rapid and accurate wheel alignment service. Proper wheel alignment is important for a number of reasons – it provides smoother ride, prevents premature tire wear (especially important for Tesla vehicles, which, as all EVs, are hard on tires), and allows for better control over the vehicle. So if your Tesla needs wheel alignment (or if you are not sure – we can perform alignment check for you), call Adams Autow ... read more

Tesla Tire Rotation in Albany, CA

Tesla vehicles are models of simplicity, with a lot of maintenance typical of conventionally powered vehicles made unnecessary by design. But tire rotation remains one of the services that are a necessity. As a matter of fact, because Tesla, like all EVs, is a heavy vehicle, regular tire rotation is of great importance. Tesla recommends tire rotation every 6250 miles or if the tread depth difference is 2/32 inches or more. Naturally, if you drive very aggressively, more frequent tire rotations may be necessary. Accelerated tire wear is a fact of life for EVs, so we recommend regular tire rotations to extend tire life. While driving a Tesla means that oil changes are a thing of the past, it’s easy to forget about tire rotation. Conventionally powered vehicles get tires rotated during an oil change. Your Tesla will need a tire rotation appointment. The good news is that tire rotation can be performed while you wait, so call our Albany auto care facility to schedule a time to get ... read more

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