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Tire Rotation in Albany, CA

Tire rotation is one of those maintenance items that are easy to overlook, yet can cost quite a bit of money if not done on regular basis. At Adams Autoworx in Albany we recommend tire rotation every 6 months. So in many cases, you can combine it with an oil change, and get both done during a single visit.

Tire rotation evens our tire wear – that’s its claim to fame. Tires wear unevenly, so rotating tires evens out the wear. It also improves ride quality and vehicle handling, but extending tire life is a huge benefit. Since tire rotation makes tires last longer, your vehicle can go longer without needing new tires. With inflation increasing prices of everything, including tires, being able to extend tire life is a clear benefit for your wallet.

Another reason why we recommend regular tire rotation is the small print you likely missed when you purchased your new tires. What small print?!  Tire manufacturers require regular tire rotation in order to maintain tire mileage warranty.

So next time you bring your vehicle to our Albany tire and auto repair shop, ask about tire rotation. We can add it to any other service or repair your vehicle needs, and get it all done with one visit. Call us to make an appointment, or schedule an appointment on our website.


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