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5 Ways To Know Your Vehicle May Need Brake Service

Brakes are the most important safety system in a vehicle as they help to prevent accidents. As a result, they should always be in top working condition. While routine brake inspection is vital to prevent problems, issues can still develop in between checkups. Here are the top five ways to know your car needs brake service.

1. ABS light is on

Your dashboard has several indicators that turn on when dealing with a potential or existing problem. So if a light that says ABS illuminates on your dashboard, it's your car's way of telling you that its sensors have detected some problem and that your brakes need servicing. ABS stands for Anti-Lock Braking System, and the light is usually either red, orange, or yellow, which means it is fairly obvious to spot when it comes on. 

2. Vibration while driving

If you can feel a vibration in the brake pedal, steering, or throughout the car anytime, you brake, head over to an auto repair shop immediately. This problem occurs most often due to warped brake rotors. 

3. Noisy brakes

It's not normal for your brakes to make any noise when you use them, so if you ever hear a grinding or squealing noise, something is surely up, and you need to have them checked. The grinding noise is mostly caused by brake pads that have worn away.

4. Leaking fluid 

Another telltale sign that you need to have your brakes checked and repaired is fluid leak. If you notice fluid on the ground, it could be fluid leaking from your braking system. A service technician must inspect your car to confirm the source of the leak so repairs can be done. 

5. Burning smell 

Burning odor while driving is usually not good news. Any time you notice a burning smell, chances are that the braking system is overheating. It’s time for a professional brake inspection. 

Unlike other car problems that can be ignored for some time, brake problems are critical to your safety, safety of your passengers, and other road users. If you notice any of these signs, get your vehicle to a local auto repair shop as soon as possible. 


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