Audi Radiator Leak Repair in Albany, CA

If you notice that your Audi is overheating during normal driving, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Ideally, your vehicle shouldn’t overheat because its cooling system, including the radiator, are designed to handle any heat load the engine might generate. Assuming regular maintenance is done, the most likely cause of overheating is a radiator leak.

Signs of Audi radiator leak

Here are the common symptoms of a radiator leak that may be helpful:

  • Puddles beneath the vehicle

If you notice a puddle under your Audi, you may be dealing with a radiator leak, especially if it is greenish and has a sweet smell. If you can’t tell what color it is, grab a paper towel, napkin or some other material to see how greasy it feels. If you still can’t tell what it is, call for assistance.

  • Low coolant level

When there’s a coolant leak, you’d notice a quick drop in your vehicle’s coolant fluid level. Coolant levels are usually dependent on the temperature of the vehicle, so they may fall or rise accordingly. If there’s a drastic drop within a short time under normal driving conditions, it’s definitely a radiator leak.

  • Discoloration and rust

Pop up the hood of your Audi and inspect the radiator. If the radiator hoses and clamps look rusty or discolored, there is a good chance they also leak somewhere.

Radiator leaks are a serious matter – they can lead to engine overheating, a blown head gasket or even more severe damage.  At the first sing of a radiator leak call your local auto repair shop and make an appointment – driving with a leaking radiator is not advisable.

At Adams Autoworx Albany we can diagnose radiator problems and let you know the best course of action. All repairs performed at our Albany auto care center carry 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty.

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