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Auto Repair in Albany: Brake Service and Repair– the Warning Signs

Your cars brake pads are sometimes referred to as “friction items” – they get used up through friction they generate during braking. It’s very difficult to estimate the length of brake pad service, because it depends on the vehicle, type of driving, traffic, terrain ( hilly roads tend to use up brakes much faster) and other factors. Fortunately, modern vehicles usually warn the driver that brakes need to be serviced, and if you regularly service your vehicle at our Albany auto repair shop, we can measure the thickness of the brake pads, and tell you if they need to be replaced. 


However, sometimes there are other issues that indicate a need for brake service or repairs. Here are some that should motivate you to bring your vehicle to a “mechanic near me”, and of course we believe that our family owned and operated Albany auto repair shop is just the right place for brake service and repairs:


Low Braking Force


If pressing the brake pedal gives little response (it slows down the car but not by much), or the pedal movement feels soft then it can indicate problems with brake fluid or the brake hoses. Either way we highly recommend visiting a brake repair shop as soon as possible.


Brakes That Squeak


Squeaking brakes are signal that something is not right. We recommended a brake check at your friendly auto repair shop. 


Car Pulls to One Side While Braking


There are a number of factors that could cause this behavior. It can be easily corrected with a visit to an auto repair shop. 


Car Shakes During Braking


If the car vibrates or shakes when slowing down, the rotors themselves may be warpedAt Adams Autoworx Albany we can inspect your vehicle’s brakes and rotors, and if the rotors are indeed warped, rotor replacement will restore your vehicle’s brake system to its proper condition.  


At Adams Autoworx in Albany we offer completed range of brake services  we can measure thickness of brake pads, to verify if they need to be replaced, we can check rotors for signs of warping, weinspect lines and hoses, and of course we check for brake fluid leaks as well. Walso offer brake fluid replacement – if you are not sure if brake fluid needs to be replaced, we can test brake fluid to verify that its water content is still within manufacturer specified range (brake fluid absorbs moisture and eventually its water content gets so high that it negatively impacts braking, and can also corrode parts of the braking system – that’s why we recommend regular brake fluid change as part of preventive maintenance). 


So if your vehicle exhibits any signs of brake system problems, call Adams Autoworx in Albany, and we will get your vehicle inspected, and will fix any brake problems it may exhibit. All work performed by our nationally ASE certified mechanics carries nationwide 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty. So call us today, or make an appointment online.

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