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Honda Head Gasket Repair in Albany, CA

Adams Autoworx Albany offers comprehensive Honda maintenance and repairs, including major engine repairs, like head gasket replacement. In our experience, Honda vehicles can suffer from blown head gasket, particularly once they cross the 200,000 mile threshold. Head gasket replacement is a serious repair job that requires time and highly skilled professionals to do it right.

Signs that your Honda may suffer from head gasket problems:

● White exhaust coming out of the tailpipe – usually a sign of a blown head gasket.

● Overheating engine during a prolonged drive

● Smell of sulphur from the coolant reservoir

If your Honda exhibits any of these symptoms, bring it to Adams Autoworx Albany so our highly skilled technicians, certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), can inspect and diagnose your vehicle.

If it turns out that your Honda has a blown head gasket, we will remove the engine from the vehicle, disassemble it, check for any additional damage, and clean the metal surfaces to prepare them for the new head gasket. With the new head gasket, we re-seal the heads and reassemble the engine.

Naturally, once the engine is reassembled and reinstalled in your vehicle, we will perform both static engine tests, as well as test drive, so we check performance under real world conditions.

So if your Honda exhibits any signs of a blown head gasket, or you are concerned about any other aspect of your vehicle, call Adams Autoworx Albany or make an appointment online, on our website.

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