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Prius Head Gasket Replacement in Albany, CA

Adams Autoworx Albany offers complete Prius services and repairs, including Prius head gasket replacement. Prius vehicles are known for their reliability, but as your Prius ages, it may need head gasket replacement. At Adams Autoworx we will verify that your Prius really needs head gasket replacement before we proceed with such major repair. Our technicians are nationally ASE certified and can diagnose any problem your vehicle may exhibit. Gen 3 Prius vehicles are particularly prone to head gasket problems, and at our Albany auto care facility we have both the experience as well as the tools to diagnose head gasket problems. Signs of potential head gasket failure: When the Prius engine has a misfire, the check engine light comes “on”. This does not necessarily mean that the head gasket needs replacement, but in most cases it does require a professional to diagnose the cause of the check engine light. When the head gasket fails, it allows coolant to seep into a cylinder ... read more

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