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Toyota Power Steering Fluid Replacement in Albany, CA

Every vehicle comes with a power steering system that allows us to turn the steering wheel quickly and easily. Like many other systems in the car, the power steering requires fluid to keep its different parts (including valves, pistons, hoses and power pumps) working. Without the power steering fluid, turning the steering wheel of your Toyota would be difficult, and it would only be a matter of time before the pump and other related components would get damaged. While this fluid doesn’t get burnt off like motor oil, grit and grime can accumulate over time. When this happens, the fluid loses its effectiveness and needs to be replaced.

Signs your Toyota is due for a power steering fluid replacement service

Most of us acknowledge the importance of changing the power steering fluid but not many know when to do that. The following are signs that usually indicate that it’s time to change the power steering fluid.

  • Manufacturer’s recommendation

The first way to know when to change the power steering fluid is to consult the owner’s manual. The manual is full of vital information about to maintain your Toyota as well as when to change important fluids.

         Fluid discoloration

It’s a good idea to inspect your power steering fluid from time to time ( or ask your mechanic). Ideally, the fluid should be fairly bright red. If it is dark, it indicates that the power steering fluid should be changed before other problems develop.

  • Steering difficulties

A good way to tell that your power steering fluid is getting low or dirty is when you struggle to turn the steering wheel. The fluid is responsible for making it easy to turn the wheel, so if the fluid is bad, the steering wheel may become too firm or tough to turn. Once you notice this symptom, get your Toyota to an auto repair shop as soon as possible to prevent an accident or damage to your system.

  • Squealing noises

The power steering lubricates the power steering system, providing protection against moving parts. If you notice strange noises when turning the steering wheel, it likely indicates that the components of your system are grinding against each other. A whining sound could indicate power steering pump working extra hard.

If you notice any of the signs above, it’s vital to get your Toyota to your trusted local mechanic. If the power steering fails at the wrong moment, it could mean an accident. At Adams Autoworx Albany we offer comprehensive Toyota maintenance services, including power steering system diagnostics and repairs. So bring in your vehicle for a system check, and if indicated, for a power steering fluid change today.

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