Toyota Wheel Alignment in Albany, CA

Your Toyota will need wheel alignment about once a year – most vehicles do. The sorry state of the Bay Area roads may necessitate more frequent alignment, as even hitting a pothole can throw the wheels out of alignment.

If the wheels are not properly aligned, you will find accelerated tire wear, and a bit less control over the vehicle, fuel efficiency may suffer a bit as well. Since the tires wear out gradually, the changes might not be noticeable at first, but if the tires are out of alignment, over time the signs of tire wear will be unmistakable.

At Adams Autoworx Albany we offer full service tire alignment on a computerized tire alignment machine. We provide this service not only to individual car owners, but also to a number of local auto repair shops who trust us with properly aligning their clients’ vehicles.

We recommend yearly wheel alignment check – the cost of this service pays for itself in extended tire life and better mileage. The procedure can be performed relatively quickly – if you make an appointment and drop off your car in the morning, we can do wheel alignment check, align the wheels if necessary, and you will have your Toyota back before lunch.

So if it has been a while since the last alignment check, bring your Toyota to our Albany auto care garage and our nationally ASE certified technicians will inspect the tires, perform alignment check, and if need be, align the tires with 1/100th of an inch accuracy. To make an appointment, visits our website, or simply give us a call at the shop.


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