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Symptoms of Water Pump Problems

Symptoms of Water Pump Problems The water pump is an unsung hero of your vehicle. It circulates the coolant throughout the cooling system, including the radiator, and keeps the engine and other components at the correct temperature. Housed under the hood, water pump keeps the engine from overheating. Over time, water pump may start leaking, or may fail. If the water pump fails, it will likely lead to engine overheating, and engine damage, which in the worst case scenario may necessitate engine replacement. At Adams Autowrox Albany we can provide complete cooling system inspection, service and repairs. Signs of Water Pump Trouble:   Rust on the Water Pump If you see physical deterioration of the water pump – rust or grime – it’s likely the water pump needs professional attention. Sometimes grime and rust might occur due to wrong coolant type, or faulty pressure cap. Strange Noises Coming from the Water Pump Area A whining noise coming from under the hood ma ... read more

Common Problems to Watch Out for If You Own a BMW in Albany or Kensington, CA

Adams Autoworx provides full range of BMW repair services. If you live in Albany or Kensington, you can bring your BMW for service and repairs to our auto repair shop at 730 San Pablo Avenue – we are happy to be of service. However, in between BMW service visits, here are some common problems we hear about: 2011 BMW X5 suffering from excessive oil consumption; BMW X3 model 2013 owners faced instances of broken timing chain guide. Common problem with older BMWs (over 5 years old) are oil leaks – check your garage for sings of oil dripping. If you notice a problem, our technicians can repair the oil leak and get your “driving machine” back in top shape. Other issues that develop in BMW vehicles as they age include failure of door locks and window regulators, ignition coil failure, and water pump failure. At Adams Autoworx Albany we can diagnose and repair a wide range of BMW problems – so next time your vehicle needs service or repairs, give us a call. To ... read more


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Kensington Auto Repair

Our full service auto repair shop is located on San Pablo Ave, just a short ride down the hill for most Kensington residents. Automotive maintenance services make up majority of our work, even though our nationally ASE certified technicians can provide full range of auto diagnostics and repairs as well. We equip them with state-of-the-art digital tools to diagnose and repair vehicles that come to our repair shop. Adams Autoworx offers full range of automotive services and repairs for residents of Kensington, CA. Adams Autoworx is a family owned repair shop that combines superior customer service with advanced technology to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Whether your car needs routine maintenance or major repairs, you can count on our technicians to get your car fixed and back on the road. For your peace of mind we offer 36 month / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on all auto maintenance and repairs performed at our shop. We will also provide you with the results of a free digital ... read more

Honda Service and Repair in Albany CA

Adams Autoworx Albany is the premier Honda service and repair shop serving Albany CA, Kensington, and Berkeley residents. Whether your Honda Civic needs new brake pads, or your Honda Accord is ready for a new set of tires, our team at the Albany auto repair shop will take great care of you and your vehicle. For your convenience, we offer complimentary local Lyft rides, appointments that fit your schedule, and friendly staff to take care of your Honda. You will also receive electronic copy of the digital vehicle inspection results – this inspection is free with any service or repairs. Our technicians are certified by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and use state-of-the-art digital tools – modern cars are “computers on wheels” so we provide our technicians with latest digital equipment to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle. Our technicians have extensive Honda repair experience, and can diagnose and repair any problem your Honda ... read more

Catalytic Converter Replacement at the Top of Check Engine Light Repairs List.

Vehicle Health Index is published by CarMD and they just released the latest list of the most frequent 2020  repairs that triggered the Check Engine Light. First position on the list is occupied by catalytic converter replacement. Sadly, this is due to large number of catalytic converter thefts. Second position on the list belongs to oxygen sensor replacement. This, again, is the results of catalytic converter thefts – very frequently oxygen sensor gets damaged when thieves steal the catalytic converter. (At Adams Autoworx Albany we highly recommend, and offer, installation of a catalytic converter shield which discourages theft). Items 3-6 are typ ... read more

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